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Recently I made this illustration for the german magazine GECKO. Its for children to read, full of illustrations. I like it a lot. – frauknopp


Kiladeda – Let’s build a REAL farm!

This time I come with a different type of illustration. These are some drawings I made for a project of the association Freunde von Amani Deutschland (of which I am a co-founder since my husband visited the children’s home Amani in Moshi, Tanzania, that we support). Read more…

  • 1-rattentypensearching the character ...
  • 2-auswahlratte-2... trial and error ...
  • philo-neu... and the winner is, Philo!
  • ethik-coveron the cover ...
  • ethik-innen1... inside ...
  • ethik-innen2... and at the end of the book.

The new ethics-rat! PHILO

publisher: C.C.Buchner Verlag

schoolbook: ethics for class 1 and 2

I designed the rat-character and beside the photographs and the children-drawings, all the other illustrations. ;D

  • inktober-141001-790-d
  • inktober-gallery31
  • inktober-141004-790-a
  • inktober-141002-790-a
  • inktober-141003-790-b
  • inktober-141008-790-a
  • inktober-141009-790-a
  • inktober-141010-790-a
  • inktober-141013-790-a
  • inktober-141016-790-a
  • inktober-141017-790-a
  • inktober-141018-790-a
  • inktober-141020-790-a
  • inktober-141024-790-a
  • inktober-141025-790-c
  • inktober-141027-790-a
  • inktober-141028-790-a
  • inktober-141029-790-a
  • inktober-141030-790-b

Virginia’s InkTober

To post a drawing made with ink every day of October, this is the challenge that Jake Parker throws us, illustrators, since 2009. It is called  #inktober and this year I took part in it. It was for sure a challenge, especially in the beginning, where you don´t know which way the series is going to take but it was also a lot of fun and for sure a positive experience I will repeat next year. These are some of my InkTober ladies (and shoes).

  • cartel-first-aid-kit-virginia-romo-13-790
  • cartel-first-aid-kit-virginia-romo-version2-790
  • detalle-790b

My tiger

This year is being the „learning“ year for me. I have taken part in some online-courses and the most recent one was amazing. Oscar Giménez, one of my favourite illustrators ever more

  • knopp-kilpert-gelato1Sketch book work in progress
  • knopp-kilpert-gelato2Close up

Food inspiration – Gelato

Its spring time and I would like to have ice cream! Have a good day!

Food inspiration – Arancia

Today is my food inspiration day and I was inspired by the sicilian oranges that are in my kitchen. The sun is shining, its getting spring time and I like to sit in my garden, watching the flowers and listing to the birds. This art work shows my work in progress.

Food inspiration – Langustino


Tuesdays I draw what I eat – Mexican tortillas

For most of the people it would be enough if I say tortillas: everybody thinks of Mexican tortilla. But being a Spaniard myself I consider the Spanish tortilla to be the „real tortilla“. Of course. Read more…

Food inspiration – Vino


Tuesdays I draw what I eat – Tomato soup with mini dumplings

Finally since we started with this food series at Atelier LaLa: yes, my husband cooked today, which was the reason why I picked Tuesdays for my drawing, Read more…


Food inspiration – Ciliegia

Today feels like spring time and I would like to eat cherry ice cream. – frauknopp


Wednesday food

The Big-Sausage-Phobia!


Tuesdays I draw what I eat – Fish at „Nordsee“

„Nordsee“ is a German chain of fast fish food restaurants and I was there today with a dear Spanish friend who also lives here Read more…

Fisch Fish Pesce

Food inspiration – Pesce

Today at my atelier: fish. – frauknopp


Tuesdays I draw what I eat – Looong brunch

A dear friend who used to be my colleague visited me today. Read more…

Food inspiration – Pera

Today at my atelier: pears. – frauknopp


Wednesday food

Wednesday is Sausageday!


I draw what I eat – Riccioli with black olives tapenade

I come a little bit late to this new series of Atelier LaLa inspired on food. Starting today I will show here my lunch every Tuesday. Read more…

Colour inspiration

Orange instead of Grey

I like Orange instead of winter grey. Which colour do you like? – frauknopp

Food inspiration – new series

Food always inspires me. I love to cook, look through cooking books, they take me on a journey to italian markets and I want to try out new recipe’s. And of course there are so many beautiful food packaging I cannot resist to buy…This is the start of a new series of food inspirated themes. – frauknopp


Wednesday mood

What should I do with my peanuts?

Monday mood

I am in the mood for spring colours! – frauknopp

  • A-2-SM
  • B-sm
  • C-chanel-sm
  • F-ferre-sm
  • I-issey-miyake-sm
  • G-gucci-sm
  • J-Jil-Sander-sm
  • K-karl-lagerfeld-sm
  • L-louis-vuitton-sm
  • P-paco-rabanne-sm
  • S-anna-sui-sm
  • T-tom-ford-sm
  • U-ungaro-sm
  • V-valentino-sm
  • W-westwood-sm
  • X-lacroix-sm
  • Y-yves-saint-laurent-sm
  • Z-zuhair-murad-sm

ABCDienstag – Virginia’s review

  • ABCDienstag ReviewABCDienstag Review
  • ABCDienstag-A-frauknoppA wie Affe
  • ABCDienstag-B-frauknoppB wie Burgfräulein
  • ABCDienstag-C-frauknoppC wie Ciao
  • ABCDienstag-D-frauknoppD wie Dalmatiner
  • ABCDienstag-E-frauknoppE wie Elephant
  • ABCDienstag-F-frauknoppF wie Fohlen
  • ABCDienstag-G-frauknoppG wie Giraffe
  • ABCDienstag-H-frauknoppH wie Hasenglück
  • ABCDienstag-I-frauknoppI wie Iltis
  • ABCDienstag-J-frauknoppJ wie Jaguar
  • ABCDienstag-K-frauknoppK wie Kaninchen
  • ABCDienstag-L-frauknoppL wie Leguan
  • ABCDienstag-M-frauknoppM wie Maus
  • ABCDienstag-N-frauknoppN wie Nashorn
  • ABCDienstag-O-frauknoppO wie Oktopus
  • ABCDienstag-P-frauknoppP wie Panda
  • ABCDienstag-Q-frauknoppQ wie Qualle
  • ABCDienstag-R-frauknoppR wie Ratte
  • ABCDienstag-S-frauknoppS wie Schweinchen
  • ABCDienstag-T-frauknoppT wie Tapir
  • ABCDienstag-U-frauknoppU wie Uhu
  • ABCDienstag-V-frauknoppV wie Vogel
  • ABCDienstag-W-frauknoppW wie Wal
  • ABCDienstag-X-frauknoppX wie Xerus
  • ABCDienstag-Y-frauknoppY wie Yak
  • ABCDienstag-Z-frauknoppZ wie Zitronenfalter

Review ABCDienstag

This week I want to show you a review of all my ABCDienstag illustrations. I enjoyed it drawing animals regarding the alphabetical order. Enjoy wintertime.– frauknopp

  • knopp-kilpert-xmasChristmas card

Christmas card


Hello Panda!

My daughter is in love with Pandas. She’s totally crazy about them. So I thought: why not illustrating a Panda for her and use it as her dinnerware? You should have seen her face when she saw that plate. She said „PANDAAAA!“ and had the cutest smile on her face :)

Hope you like it too?!