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Tuesdays I draw what I eat – Celery salad with walnuts and orange

After the food excesses of the last days -Croatian Easter breakfast cannot be really considered just a „breakfast“- a salad was the perfect antidote. Read more…


Tuesdays I draw what I eat – Vegetarian tarte flambée

The tarte flambée is a typical Alsatian dish that is quite common in the South of Germany too. Read more…


Tuesdays I draw what I eat – Beef and carrots soup

The weekend was exciting but we ate too much. Read more…


Tuesdays I draw what I eat – Fried monkfish

I love fish. Read more…

Bootcamp – Jelly pattern


I showed you my Jelly-sketches for Bootcamp March lately. Remember? Today I have my final submission for you. The assignment was to illustrate a Jelly themed pattern. As I’m working like 90% for the kids market I thought the pattern should fit somehow. Hope you like it.
And as all the Bootcamp-illustrations: it’s available for licensing ;)



Friday-Food: Dinner Time



Tuesdays I draw what I eat – Buffalo burger with chips

After a two hours meeting at the bank: No time for cooking brought us to a special burger. Read more…

Friday-Food: Cronut-Love

Cronut by Johanna Fritz

  • knopp-kilpert-gelato1Sketch book work in progress
  • knopp-kilpert-gelato2Close up

Food inspiration – Gelato

Its spring time and I would like to have ice cream! Have a good day!


Tuesdays I draw what I eat – A salad with orange

The highlight of today´s lunch was a salad, a normal one. So it was not such a big highlight. Read more…

Food inspiration – Arancia

Today is my food inspiration day and I was inspired by the sicilian oranges that are in my kitchen. The sun is shining, its getting spring time and I like to sit in my garden, watching the flowers and listing to the birds. This art work shows my work in progress.


Monday’s Specialities

Good morning, seem to be italian weeks at my place, today I invite you to my special caprese salad recipe. Normally I find caprese salad – even in restaurants – quite boring. My style is to put some more spices between the layers of tomato and mozarella and my favourite friend nearly on top is the green onion. Well, raw onions are not for everybody but I just LOVE them…!


Just some pretzel sticks

As I am sick these days, I have not a lot to offer but pretzel sticks. I hope you don’t mind ;)

Food inspiration – Langustino


Tuesdays I draw what I eat – Mexican tortillas

For most of the people it would be enough if I say tortillas: everybody thinks of Mexican tortilla. But being a Spaniard myself I consider the Spanish tortilla to be the „real tortilla“. Of course. Read more…


Monday’s Specialities

Hello Monday! Have a fresh start in the week with spaghetti with lemon sauce for lunch! This recipe I got years ago from a good friend and this always helps me out when I have nothing in my fridge but a poor lemon. (Olives and onions I always have, parsley is in my freezer, this is part of my basic kitchen equipment!)

"Carrots for you" by Johanna Fritz

Food inspiration – Vino


Tuesdays I draw what I eat – Tomato soup with mini dumplings

Finally since we started with this food series at Atelier LaLa: yes, my husband cooked today, which was the reason why I picked Tuesdays for my drawing, Read more…


Monday’s Specialities

This tasty dish my Mom used to cook for me when I was a child. So every time I do it for myself now it feels like home.

Food – poor pig.

No offense dear Vegetarians, but it was delicious ;)



Food inspiration – Ciliegia

Today feels like spring time and I would like to eat cherry ice cream. – frauknopp


Tuesdays I draw what I eat – Fish at „Nordsee“

„Nordsee“ is a German chain of fast fish food restaurants and I was there today with a dear Spanish friend who also lives here Read more…


Monday’s Specialities

Good Morning Monday! Today is chicken day. Well, drawing the chicken actually makes me a bit sorry for it…. well… but it has an excellent taste.



Fisch Fish Pesce

Food inspiration – Pesce

Today at my atelier: fish. – frauknopp


Tuesdays I draw what I eat – Looong brunch

A dear friend who used to be my colleague visited me today. Read more…


Monday’s Specialities

Hello everybody, this is my monday post showing what I mostly eat. For the english speaking people: Nearly every day in the morning at around 10 o’clock I eat a kind of ayurvedian porridge to be strong for the day. Ingredients: Oat flakes in milk, almonds, dates, spices and maple sirup. Yummmie! Have a great and tasty week!


I picked up some of photos that I lately took. And yes: sometimes I like to take pictures of food. Especially sweets, cakes… well, things that look nice. I made some peanut butter fudge the other day… so here they are :)

Food inspiration – Pera

Today at my atelier: pears. – frauknopp


I draw what I eat – Riccioli with black olives tapenade

I come a little bit late to this new series of Atelier LaLa inspired on food. Starting today I will show here my lunch every Tuesday. Read more…

Cookie sketch by Johanna Fritz

Cookies for my little cookie

My girl loves those cookies that look like animals :)

Food inspiration – new series

Food always inspires me. I love to cook, look through cooking books, they take me on a journey to italian markets and I want to try out new recipe’s. And of course there are so many beautiful food packaging I cannot resist to buy…This is the start of a new series of food inspirated themes. – frauknopp