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My 2014

What a year! According to Virginias idea to show which of our work is out in the shops now I would love to share with you the books I did this year. You can find them in all book stores or on the internet and wouldn’t they be a nice christmas present for the little ones? Have a look, have fun and a very merry christmas to you all!

"Piratengeschichten" ISBN 978-3-480-23138-6

„Piratengeschichten“ ISBN 978-3-480-23138-6, for children 4 years old

"Nevio, die furchtlose Forschermaus" ISBN 978-3-401-70333-6

„Nevio, die furchtlose Forschermaus“ ISBN 978-3-401-70333-6, for children 4 years old

"Freds sensationelle Spinnereien" ISBN 978-3-401-06894-7

„Freds sensationelle Spinnereien“ ISBN 978-3-401-06894-7, for children 8 years old

"Wo sind die Geschenke, lieber Weihnachtsmann?" ISBN 978-3-7348-1504-1

„Wo sind die Geschenke, lieber Weihnachtsmann?“ ISBN 978-3-7348-1504-1, for children 2 years old


My InkTober girls on products – In my shop

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In the shop: the „Champus“ glass by Virginia

Fitting to the Christmas decoration –sparkles and gold everywhere: The „Champus“ glass by Ritzenhoff with my design on it. May the smiling woman and the Maori pattern spread good energy wherever these glasses are raised.

They can be bought in some household retailers or from the Ritzenhoff online shop.