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We won a prize!

Do you remember me telling here about the English text book I had illustrated for the publishing house Ernst Klett? It won the prize for the school book of the year in the category „languages“ at the recently closed book trade fair in Leipzig!

I told you the texts were so good! It makes me proud to have contributed with my drawings to create this book that was judged so good by experts and hopefully will open the doors of a new language to some young German students.


English with style

I had the pleasure to illustrate the recently published version of the text book „Green Line – Oberstufe„, for English secondary school students. Read more…

  • green-line-cover36-790
  • green-line-summerset-house2-790
  • green-line-girl-computer-790
  • green-line-boy-entrance3-790
  • green-line-girl-market2-790
  • green-line-vignetten2-790

Green Line has new looks

I don’t mean the London Underground but the text book for English published by Klett. They have published their „Green Line“ with a new look that includes my illustrations. Read more…