My kitchen store – Utensils

I opened my kitchen’s drawer for the upcoming Spoonflower contest: Utensils.


Discovering other worlds

I recently absolved the MATS course by the Lilla Rogers Studio School. Read more…


My kitchen store – Little crayon monsters

These monsters can do less harm than the children who would wear them. Read more…


My kitchen store – Albahaca & co.

„Albahaca“ is Spanish for basil and one of my favourite words. Read more…


My kitchen store – Green-grey-black pots

Starting today: Tuesdays I won’t draw what I eat but patterns for kitchen stuff.

Read more…

Food Friday *ooops*

Forgot to post my food-sketch yesterday. We had tons of waffles lately :)


Tuesdays I draw what I eat – Celery salad with walnuts and orange

After the food excesses of the last days -Croatian Easter breakfast cannot be really considered just a „breakfast“- a salad was the perfect antidote. Read more…

In the shoe stores

So cool. Many of Germanys shoe stores have an illustration of mine in their kids department.
There are several pair of shoes that can be discovered. And of course: many cute and colorful animals.

Already spotted it in my neighbourhood :)


Tuesdays I draw what I eat – Vegetarian tarte flambée

The tarte flambée is a typical Alsatian dish that is quite common in the South of Germany too. Read more…


Tuesdays I draw what I eat – Beef and carrots soup

The weekend was exciting but we ate too much. Read more…

perfect colour palette creator

Interesting (from creatives to creatives) interviews


Tuesdays I draw what I eat – Fried monkfish

I love fish. Read more…

Great Font-Deal

Bootcamp – Jelly pattern


I showed you my Jelly-sketches for Bootcamp March lately. Remember? Today I have my final submission for you. The assignment was to illustrate a Jelly themed pattern. As I’m working like 90% for the kids market I thought the pattern should fit somehow. Hope you like it.
And as all the Bootcamp-illustrations: it’s available for licensing ;)



Friday-Food: Dinner Time



Tuesdays I draw what I eat – Buffalo burger with chips

After a two hours meeting at the bank: No time for cooking brought us to a special burger. Read more…

  • p1The Cover
  • p2Reeeally mean guys...
  • p3...but not always very brave...
  • p4... a bit... well... forgetful...
  • p5... with helpful cabin boys...
  • p6...love good food and party...
  • p7... with sometimes a quite hard life.

Ship ahoy

Hello pirate fans, since last week you can buy my new book, you could already get a glimps of the cover in my working space post last year. Nine funny pirate stories with also some interesting information about the real pirate life long ago to read to little pirates between 3 and 7 years. Unfortunately you can only get in in german, but take a look at my illustrations, I had a lot of fun drawing these toothless guys. – Veryvera

Friday-Food: Cronut-Love

Cronut by Johanna Fritz

Hello german Mollie Makes (again). Yay!!

Yay, I had the honor to illustrate another page for the german Mollie Makes.



  • knopp-kilpert-gelato1Sketch book work in progress
  • knopp-kilpert-gelato2Close up

Food inspiration – Gelato

Its spring time and I would like to have ice cream! Have a good day!


Tuesdays I draw what I eat – A salad with orange

The highlight of today´s lunch was a salad, a normal one. So it was not such a big highlight. Read more…


Singing through the seasons

James Geier is a musician. He writes and sings beautiful songs for adults (listen to them in his webpage) and he has recently published a CD for children: a trip through the year in „James singt für Kinder„, Read more…


Food inspiration – Arancia

Today is my food inspiration day and I was inspired by the sicilian oranges that are in my kitchen. The sun is shining, its getting spring time and I like to sit in my garden, watching the flowers and listing to the birds. This art work shows my work in progress.


Tuesdays I draw what I eat – Maultaschen tikka masala

It is said that maultaschen were invented in this part of Germany where I live as a trick to eat meat on Fridays by hiding it in these sort of huge ravioli (my excuses here to any Swabian reading this). Read more…

The final ABC-Poster




I took me soooo long to finish this ABC-Poster. I started drawing the alphabet last July! Every Tuesday one letter. Than I illustrated some of them again, because I really wanted the poster to work in English AND German. But of course, that came to my mind a little late ;)
Anyway, here’s the finished poster. I’ll get it printed and may be I’ll do some postcards too so I have some promotion material that I can use for mailings to publishers and licensees. Cross your fingers someone likes to print it!

Jelly sketches.

I just love Lillas bootcamp assignments and ideas that she comes up with. I am actually not really a fan of Jelly, but it is so much fun to draw it. All those colors! Yay. These are my latest sketches (above). I’ll be back with more Jelly ;)


Great Photoshop brushes!!


Monday’s Specialities

Good morning, seem to be italian weeks at my place, today I invite you to my special caprese salad recipe. Normally I find caprese salad – even in restaurants – quite boring. My style is to put some more spices between the layers of tomato and mozarella and my favourite friend nearly on top is the green onion. Well, raw onions are not for everybody but I just LOVE them…!


Just some pretzel sticks

As I am sick these days, I have not a lot to offer but pretzel sticks. I hope you don’t mind ;)


Food inspiration – Langustino


Tuesdays I draw what I eat – Mexican tortillas

For most of the people it would be enough if I say tortillas: everybody thinks of Mexican tortilla. But being a Spaniard myself I consider the Spanish tortilla to be the „real tortilla“. Of course. Read more…


Monday’s Specialities

Hello Monday! Have a fresh start in the week with spaghetti with lemon sauce for lunch! This recipe I got years ago from a good friend and this always helps me out when I have nothing in my fridge but a poor lemon. (Olives and onions I always have, parsley is in my freezer, this is part of my basic kitchen equipment!)

"Carrots for you" by Johanna Fritz

Food inspiration – Vino


I just finished a lovely christmas book cover. – frauknopp


Tuesdays I draw what I eat – Tomato soup with mini dumplings

Finally since we started with this food series at Atelier LaLa: yes, my husband cooked today, which was the reason why I picked Tuesdays for my drawing, Read more…


Monday’s Specialities

This tasty dish my Mom used to cook for me when I was a child. So every time I do it for myself now it feels like home.

Bootcamp February submission

I posted LATELY that Lilla Rogers Bootcamp started and showed you my first sketches for the cuckoo-theme. And then we got the assignment: translate it into a cell phone cover. So much fun and I am truly happy with my outcome…

Cuckoo cell phone case by Johanna Fritz

Well, I had so much fun illustrating cuckoo clocks and other related icons, that I created a pattern:

Cuckoo pattern by Johanna Fritz

And of course, one could use those patterns in many different ways. Here are only two mockups I did. And yes, it’s available for licensing ;)



Food – poor pig.

No offense dear Vegetarians, but it was delicious ;)



Food inspiration – Ciliegia

Today feels like spring time and I would like to eat cherry ice cream. – frauknopp


My school book is out there!

This was a big project I was working for: A school book for the publishing house Klett. Read more…


Wednesday food

The Big-Sausage-Phobia!

Flamingo & Giraffe

I keep on going with my alphabet. Two more letters to go and I’m done. Yay :) So say hello to Mr. Flamingo and the Giraffe.



Tuesdays I draw what I eat – Fish at „Nordsee“

„Nordsee“ is a German chain of fast fish food restaurants and I was there today with a dear Spanish friend who also lives here Read more…


Monday’s Specialities

Good Morning Monday! Today is chicken day. Well, drawing the chicken actually makes me a bit sorry for it…. well… but it has an excellent taste.


MATS-Bootcamp started

The most of you know I loved Lilla Rogers ecourse „Make art that sells“ the last year (have a look at my illustrations over HERE). There was so much input. So there was no question that I was excited about the Bootcamp. I signed up and it started last week. The first Mini was to draw cuckoo clocks. These are my sketches above. So happy to do some great pieces for my portfolio again. Lillas assignemts are the best and she knows what’s going on…



Fisch Fish Pesce

Food inspiration – Pesce

Today at my atelier: fish. – frauknopp