My 2014

What a year! According to Virginias idea to show which of our work is out in the shops now I would love to share with you the books I did this year. You can find them in all book stores or on the internet and wouldn’t they be a nice christmas present for the little ones? Have a look, have fun and a very merry christmas to you all!

"Piratengeschichten" ISBN 978-3-480-23138-6

„Piratengeschichten“ ISBN 978-3-480-23138-6, for children 4 years old

"Nevio, die furchtlose Forschermaus" ISBN 978-3-401-70333-6

„Nevio, die furchtlose Forschermaus“ ISBN 978-3-401-70333-6, for children 4 years old

"Freds sensationelle Spinnereien" ISBN 978-3-401-06894-7

„Freds sensationelle Spinnereien“ ISBN 978-3-401-06894-7, for children 8 years old

"Wo sind die Geschenke, lieber Weihnachtsmann?" ISBN 978-3-7348-1504-1

„Wo sind die Geschenke, lieber Weihnachtsmann?“ ISBN 978-3-7348-1504-1, for children 2 years old


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