Discovering other worlds

I recently absolved the MATS course by the Lilla Rogers Studio School. It went through five very intensive weeks: lot of stuff to read, interesting tools and links, inside scoops of  five different markets, challenging assignments and many new colleagues from all over the world. It was much fun and very productive. I still have to go through all the lessons again, watch a second time all the review videos and maybe re-take the one or other assignment.

I show you here my work for the last assignment: it was supposed to be meant for the party paper market and the theme was Ukrainian and Bavarian folk. This is what I submitted:


I loved to draw all those dancers and flowers and I was pretty much satisfied with the single drawings, not that much with my final arrangement. This was something I learnt during the course about my work: I tend to overwork the drawings, at the end it is too much of everything. Right now I am trying to do something else with those drawings. These are two trials, which background do you like better?



Although, I think the dancers might work better as single prints. Another day.


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