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Live sketching at the Graduate Fashion Week 2016

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Graduate Fashion Week in London as part of a present that actually was not for me. Click here to see my sketches, some photos of the show and indeed read the rest of the story (in Spanish though, I am afraid).




Hugo who? Hugo R.!

Germans love to go outside. You might think this is not true if you visited the country during the winter. But as soon as the sun comes out: streets, squares and terraces are crowded. It is fantastic. Read more…

© Ernst Klett Verlag GmbH

We won a prize!

Do you remember me telling here about the English text book I had illustrated for the publishing house Ernst Klett? It won the prize for the school book of the year in the category „languages“ at the recently closed book trade fair in Leipzig!

I told you the texts were so good! It makes me proud to have contributed with my drawings to create this book that was judged so good by experts and hopefully will open the doors of a new language to some young German students.


Drawing your DRESSember – as we go

I told you here about my dressember project, and now  I can tell: it is working!!! I have already received 31 donations (to an amount of $805!) and many more dresses. So I cannot accept, unfortunately, more dresses to be drawn, but of course Read more…


Drawing your DRESSember – Send me your photo!

If you also like fashion but think taking it too seriously leads to a frivolity you don’t like, if you prefer to take the fun part of fashion and put it to serve something serious: Then you probably already know Dressember. If you don’t know it yet, you are going to love it. Read on.

I first knew about Dressember some 4 weeks ago while watching one of Sunny Lenarduzzi’s videos. And I could not believe I had not heard of it before: such a good idea for such a noble cause. And involving wearing dresses. I listened to the inspiring story of founder Blythe Hill at her TEDx Talk and I made a decision: I would participate. Not only wearing a dress every day of December (wish me luck on my skiing days), but sketching one and posting it to my Instagram and Facebook pages. To raise awareness and funds to fight against exploitation and trafficking of women.

This is my plan:

Read more…


Hahnemühle sketchbooks

I have a thing with square little sketchbooks. There are always a couple of them in my drawer. It happened to me once that I needed a new one and they had run out of them in my usual art supplies shop and I had to buy non-square one. Ever since then, when I go downtown, no matter what, I go to the shop and buy one or two (or three) of the Hahnemühle square sketchbooks.  That is how I came to a little Read more…

Virginia Romo Illustration

A very special commission

Last June I was surprised by a very special commission: Maureen had found my drawings on my Facebook site and she liked them so much (this is a real honour) that she wanted to commission me a portrait of her that she would give to her husband-to-be on their wedding day, at the end of September. Read more…


My new afternoon guilty pleasure: YouTangle.Art cards

I told you a couple of weeks ago about the organic way in which contacts happen on Instagram. This is another example: I am an avid buyer of Hahnemühle square sketchbooks. Read more…


The spirit of summer

Yes, summer: remember? Last one was delicious here in South Germany, so many warm (even hot) days, so many chances to be outside, eating and drinking with friends and family. Right that is the spirit of the decoration I drew for these Ritzenhoff glasses Read more…


English with style

I had the pleasure to illustrate the recently published version of the text book „Green Line – Oberstufe„, for English secondary school students. Read more…


Making of My Darlings

I will tell you here the story of a drawing; from the commission till the finished product. Read more…


Doodling together: #365doodleswithjohannafritz

Our Lala girl Johanna Fritz has challenged us all (yes, you too) to doodle for 365 days. We started Tuesday last week but you can join whenever you want, of course. She publishes a list of topics for every month. You can find the current list in our Facebook group or checking out her blog. We use the hashtag #365dayswithjohannafritz to share our doodles in Instagram and Facebook. That is well thought by Johanna, so that whoever sees one of our doodles and wants to join is able to see where the challenge is coming from and so, she or he can find the topic list, the group etc. See you there? I hope so.

cover Kopie

Out now! The last episode of the rhinos.

The last episode of the rhinos „Ein Himmel voller Nashörner“!

After „Liebe ist ein Nashorn“ and „Nashörner haben auch Gefühle“.


i’m still alive

First projekt, with my new cintiq! New fun at work, love it! :)


New look, new name, new website

After over 10 Years working as an illustrator I thought it’s time for a new look. First I felt that it‘ s time to present myself under my full name instead of „Veryvera“. Sort of getting more to the point as on my books I am presented as „Vera Schmidt“.
Second I am very excited to present you my new website which therefore also has a new name: It is also more to the point, modern, easier to navigate and more efficient – well that’s the plan.
There you will also find my blog now, the old address is also not up-to-date anymore.
Third I will also have a new email address, you will be forwarded to both also when you still type in the old addresses but I would appreciate it very much if you change to the new ones from now on. Thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience!
Well then, have fun and welcome to my new world:


New website with new focus: Fashion & Style illustration

My last newsletter is right out there. Did you get it? No? It is about my new website, which is all about fashion and style illustration. If you don’t want to miss the next one, you can visit my page and subscribe there. I will be glad tokeep in touch.





One day at the trade show – Ambiente

If you follow my Facebook account you probably know: Last Saturday I visited the „Ambiente“ trade show in Frankfurt. I was invited by Ritzenhoff, who had organized a very glamorous and amusing party on the evening.

I used the day Read more…


My InkTober girls on products – In my shop

Read more…

  • p1The Cover
  • p2Reeeally mean guys...
  • p3...but not always very brave...
  • p4... a bit... well... forgetful...
  • p5... with helpful cabin boys...
  • good food and party...
  • p7... with sometimes a quite hard life.

Ship ahoy

Hello pirate fans, since last week you can buy my new book, you could already get a glimps of the cover in my working space post last year. Nine funny pirate stories with also some interesting information about the real pirate life long ago to read to little pirates between 3 and 7 years. Unfortunately you can only get in in german, but take a look at my illustrations, I had a lot of fun drawing these toothless guys. – Veryvera


I just finished a lovely christmas book cover. – frauknopp


My school book is out there!

This was a big project I was working for: A school book for the publishing house Klett. Read more…


jewellery types for the LIFT magazine

Things I love to draw: In the current issue of the LIFT magazine there is an article about jewellery types that I illustrated last January. This is how it looks like.

Read more…


The YOUnitiate journey – an illustrated brochure

YOUnitiate is an organization operating in South Africa which helps young people and communities to initiate and form their future. They came to me last autumn because they wanted to have an illustrated brochure Read more…


Win my latest children’s book!

Win my latest children’s book on my blog OVER HERE. It’a about the little witch „Holly Hicks“ who is going on some really exciting adventures :)






  • knoppkilpert-sedbook1IO Sedbook
  • knoppkilpert-sedbook2My page for "Editorial"

IO Sedbook „Editorial“

This is tiny sneak into the beautiful sedbook which shows the big variety of german illustrators, published by the Illustratoren Organisation. I am in with a page for the „Editorial“ rubric. – frauknopp

Out now – Cover by Johanna Fritz


A cover illustration I illustrated some month ago for the publisher Klett (Germany) is in stores now :)