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Doodling together: #365doodleswithjohannafritz

Our Lala girl Johanna Fritz has challenged us all (yes, you too) to doodle for 365 days. We started Tuesday last week but you can join whenever you want, of course. She publishes a list of topics for every month. You can find the current list in our Facebook group or checking out her blog. We use the hashtag #365dayswithjohannafritz to share our doodles in Instagram and Facebook. That is well thought by Johanna, so that whoever sees one of our doodles and wants to join is able to see where the challenge is coming from and so, she or he can find the topic list, the group etc. See you there? I hope so.

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Johannas #inktober

This year was the first time that I participated in inkTober. And I had so much fun. Here is a little gallery with all my animal-doodles :)

Wall art by Johanna Fritz

My latest wall art

Designed some wall art for Mats bootcamp :)

Food Friday *ooops*

Forgot to post my food-sketch yesterday. We had tons of waffles lately :)

In the shoe stores

So cool. Many of Germanys shoe stores have an illustration of mine in their kids department.
There are several pair of shoes that can be discovered. And of course: many cute and colorful animals.

Already spotted it in my neighbourhood :)

Bootcamp – Jelly pattern


I showed you my Jelly-sketches for Bootcamp March lately. Remember? Today I have my final submission for you. The assignment was to illustrate a Jelly themed pattern. As I’m working like 90% for the kids market I thought the pattern should fit somehow. Hope you like it.
And as all the Bootcamp-illustrations: it’s available for licensing ;)



Friday-Food: Dinner Time


Friday-Food: Cronut-Love

Cronut by Johanna Fritz

Hello german Mollie Makes (again). Yay!!

Yay, I had the honor to illustrate another page for the german Mollie Makes.



The final ABC-Poster




I took me soooo long to finish this ABC-Poster. I started drawing the alphabet last July! Every Tuesday one letter. Than I illustrated some of them again, because I really wanted the poster to work in English AND German. But of course, that came to my mind a little late ;)
Anyway, here’s the finished poster. I’ll get it printed and may be I’ll do some postcards too so I have some promotion material that I can use for mailings to publishers and licensees. Cross your fingers someone likes to print it!

Jelly sketches.

I just love Lillas bootcamp assignments and ideas that she comes up with. I am actually not really a fan of Jelly, but it is so much fun to draw it. All those colors! Yay. These are my latest sketches (above). I’ll be back with more Jelly ;)



Just some pretzel sticks

As I am sick these days, I have not a lot to offer but pretzel sticks. I hope you don’t mind ;)

"Carrots for you" by Johanna Fritz

Bootcamp February submission

I posted LATELY that Lilla Rogers Bootcamp started and showed you my first sketches for the cuckoo-theme. And then we got the assignment: translate it into a cell phone cover. So much fun and I am truly happy with my outcome…

Cuckoo cell phone case by Johanna Fritz

Well, I had so much fun illustrating cuckoo clocks and other related icons, that I created a pattern:

Cuckoo pattern by Johanna Fritz

And of course, one could use those patterns in many different ways. Here are only two mockups I did. And yes, it’s available for licensing ;)



Food – poor pig.

No offense dear Vegetarians, but it was delicious ;)


Flamingo & Giraffe

I keep on going with my alphabet. Two more letters to go and I’m done. Yay :) So say hello to Mr. Flamingo and the Giraffe.



MATS-Bootcamp started

The most of you know I loved Lilla Rogers ecourse „Make art that sells“ the last year (have a look at my illustrations over HERE). There was so much input. So there was no question that I was excited about the Bootcamp. I signed up and it started last week. The first Mini was to draw cuckoo clocks. These are my sketches above. So happy to do some great pieces for my portfolio again. Lillas assignemts are the best and she knows what’s going on…




I picked up some of photos that I lately took. And yes: sometimes I like to take pictures of food. Especially sweets, cakes… well, things that look nice. I made some peanut butter fudge the other day… so here they are :)

"c is for clown" by johanna fritz

New illustration for medizini


Yay. I just received some new copies of the poster magazine Medizini which I illustrated that hidden object illustration for. You can get the magazine in German pharmacies.
See the final illustration below.


Cookie sketch by Johanna Fritz

Cookies for my little cookie

My girl loves those cookies that look like animals :)

My ABCDienstag continues

I am still working on my alphabet as I missed some letters in between. And I’d love to change it to bilingual. For Englisch AND German. Most of the letters are already working, but I’ll have to change some of the existing.



"Z is for Zebra" by Johanna Fritz
y by johanna fritz

Win my latest children’s book!

Win my latest children’s book on my blog OVER HERE. It’a about the little witch „Holly Hicks“ who is going on some really exciting adventures :)







MATS week #1 or Hello Christmas

Hello hello.
The first week of Make art that sells (MATS) Part B is already over. Our assignment this week for the paper market was to illustrate two holiday cards. Yeehaw! I loooove that!! As usual we started to sketch some icons befhorehand.

These are some of mine…

Then there was the big assignment. My first card (which I submitted):

And my second card:

I really head some troubles to decide which one to submit. The second card is more my usual style. But I think that would be a better fit for children’s books and so. The first card has a clearer message which is important for holiday cards I guess.
Thanks to all my MATS friends who helped me with that decision *waves*
What do you think?


Puss in Boots – A poster

I illustrated another poster for the magazine Baby & Familie. It’s a fairy tale again. This time: Puss in Boots. You can get the magazine (including the poster) for free in almost every german pharmacy.
– Johanna


Good morning!

Do you know that feeling? You are half awake – half asleep. And you realize that you are down with a cold.
I made a sketch of that scene about a year ago. And now I finally illustrated it *yay*. Thanks to (german) SCBWI, cause we are going to send some promotional postcards to publishers. Thanks Maria for that (and your tips).

So this is what I was working on the last days. This month was full of colds over here. No joking. The image is actually a perfect match for my September.
The rest of the month I illustrated some commissioned postcards and a poster which I’ll show you as soon as they are published.

I’m happy to be part of our MATS (so happy – Part B continues next week) Blog Linking. Have a look at the other monthly roundups of my new friends over HERE.


Hello Panda!

My daughter is in love with Pandas. She’s totally crazy about them. So I thought: why not illustrating a Panda for her and use it as her dinnerware? You should have seen her face when she saw that plate. She said „PANDAAAA!“ and had the cutest smile on her face :)

Hope you like it too?!


Children’s book preview – Johanna

I’ll show your more as soon as it is in stores.


Out now – Cover by Johanna Fritz


A cover illustration I illustrated some month ago for the publisher Klett (Germany) is in stores now :)