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G wie Giraffe

frauknopp@Schätze des Westens

I would like to announce a new appointment that I will have on September, 21th 2013. I will be the guest at the bookbindery Meike Lehmann who takes part at „Schätze des Westens“ in Stuttgart. This is a local district shop presentation day.

You can meet me there, you can have a look at my work, books and postcards and if you buy a beautiful product from Meike Lehmanns bookbindery you get an original Ex Libris illustration by frauknopp.

Theres is also the opportunity to look behind the scenes of the bookbindery, it is a very inspiring and interesting atmosphere, I would like to see you! Best wishes from frauknopp

frauknopp@Buchbinderei Meike Lehmann
Seidenstr. 42
70174 Stuttgart
Samstag 21. September 2013
11.00 – 19.00 Uhr


F wie Fohlen
  • Babyalbum-KnoppKilpert1Mein erstes Jahr, arsEdition
  • Babyalbum-KnoppKilpert2
  • Babyalbum-KnoppKilpert3First chapter
  • Babyalbum-KnoppKilpert4Space to keep things
  • Babyalbum-KnoppKilpert5A lot of illustrations
  • Babyalbum-KnoppKilpert6
  • Babyalbum-KnoppKilpert7


Today I would like to show you one of my books. It’s called „Mein erstes Jahr“ for german publisher arsEdition. In this album you can keep all your memories and feelings for the new born child, the book is divided in 8 chapters and there is as well a lot of space to keep pictures.

I made all illustrations and the design for this publication, text are by Katharina Werschetzki. Pink for the girls, blue for the boys. – frauknopp

E wie Elephant
D wie Dalmatiner
C wie Ciao
Map of Cape Town

Cape Town

I made a new illustration, it’s a map of Cape Town/South Africa. Right now I would really like to be at the Superette for lunch. – frauknopp

B wie Burgfräulein


Do you already know this amazing blog by Melanie Garanin? She felt inspired by our ABCDienstag and started her HorseABC this Tuesday! Please have a look at her great sketches!

M. Garanin Blog

ABC Affe
ABCDienstag2 Kopie


Today we want to present you our weekly column „ABCDienstag“.

Every Tuesday the Atelier Lala will show you a sketch or illustration referring to the alphabet. We are looking forward to visualise the whole alphabet, especially the tricky letters like Q or X!


my sketch book

Here are some little underwater creatures from my sketch book. – frauknopp



This paper collage is a personal work. Enjoy summer time. – frauknopp

  • frauknopp-02Inspirations
  • frauknopp-09Material
  • frauknopp-10Old and new stuff
  • frauknopp-11my favorite colours
  • frauknopp-08original work
  • frauknopp-03my favorite books

my work place

Today I would like to give you some impressions of my studio. As I mostly do paper collage I need a lot of paper, colours, pencils and stuff which I have organized in drawers. My big white table is surrounded by pictures, books and inspiring stuff, have a look. – frauknopp