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All for One Steeb AG

I made a lot of illustrations for the new advertising campaign of All for One Steeb AG


Birds all over

Another lovely paper collage that I did for #fritziflock. Proverb by William Turner. – frauknopp



Bird Quote

My dear friend Johanna Fritz has builded her new brand #FritziFlock, she asked all the birds to illustrate a quote. Here comes mine from Henrik Ibsen. – frauknopp


  • frauknopp-Christmascard-01Personal christmas card
  • frauknopp-XmasLawyers christmas card
  • frauknopp-MantelcommAdvertising agencies christmas card

Christmas cards

Some new art works that I did last year. – frauknopp

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-17 um 20.43.16

Hello Instagram

If you like to see some daily sketches hop over to my new Instagram account and follow me. I am joining the #365doodleswithjohannafritz project invented by my dear colleague @byjohannafritz

New children’s book

I made new illustrations for a little children’s book to help them getting better. It was a nice project. – frauknopp



Recently I made this illustration for the german magazine GECKO. Its for children to read, full of illustrations. I like it a lot. – frauknopp


My christmas card looks like this! Have a joyful time.– frauknopp

Calender 2015

I joined this nice calendar project by Meike Teichmann. Have a look on my blog… – frauknopp


Christmas calendar

Virginia from our Atelier Lala had this nice idea to show some of our books and stuff combined with some personal hints of us. So have a look at my dining room where my christmas calendar is waiting for the first of december.

Christmas time is coming and if you like to have a calendar to count down the days this could be something for you. It’s called „Meine wunderbare Adventsgirlande“ published by arsEdition. GTIN 40-14489-10354-7    and you can buy it, for example, here.– frauknopp

This is a tiny peak into my dining room.



I made this book title for a christmas book. – frauknopp

Die große Weihnachtsrätselkiste, cbj
Illustrationen im Innenteil von Sylvia Öwerdieck
ISBN: 978-3-570-22484-7

  • freistil-knopp-kilpert1Freistil 5
  • freistil-knopp-kilpert2frauknopp

Freistil 5

I am very happy to participate in the new book „Freistil 5“. – frauknopp

Raban Ruddigkeit
Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz
Freistil 5
ISBN 978-3-87439-862-6


I am working on my newest project… my little baby boy is growing. – frauknopp


  • knopp-kilpert-gelato1Sketch book work in progress
  • knopp-kilpert-gelato2Close up

Food inspiration – Gelato

Its spring time and I would like to have ice cream! Have a good day!

Food inspiration – Arancia

Today is my food inspiration day and I was inspired by the sicilian oranges that are in my kitchen. The sun is shining, its getting spring time and I like to sit in my garden, watching the flowers and listing to the birds. This art work shows my work in progress.

Food inspiration – Langustino

Food inspiration – Vino


I just finished a lovely christmas book cover. – frauknopp


Food inspiration – Ciliegia

Today feels like spring time and I would like to eat cherry ice cream. – frauknopp

Fisch Fish Pesce

Food inspiration – Pesce

Today at my atelier: fish. – frauknopp


Food inspiration – Pera

Today at my atelier: pears. – frauknopp

Colour inspiration

Orange instead of Grey

I like Orange instead of winter grey. Which colour do you like? – frauknopp

Food inspiration – new series

Food always inspires me. I love to cook, look through cooking books, they take me on a journey to italian markets and I want to try out new recipe’s. And of course there are so many beautiful food packaging I cannot resist to buy…This is the start of a new series of food inspirated themes. – frauknopp

Monday mood

I am in the mood for spring colours! – frauknopp

  • ABCDienstag ReviewABCDienstag Review
  • ABCDienstag-A-frauknoppA wie Affe
  • ABCDienstag-B-frauknoppB wie Burgfräulein
  • ABCDienstag-C-frauknoppC wie Ciao
  • ABCDienstag-D-frauknoppD wie Dalmatiner
  • ABCDienstag-E-frauknoppE wie Elephant
  • ABCDienstag-F-frauknoppF wie Fohlen
  • ABCDienstag-G-frauknoppG wie Giraffe
  • ABCDienstag-H-frauknoppH wie Hasenglück
  • ABCDienstag-I-frauknoppI wie Iltis
  • ABCDienstag-J-frauknoppJ wie Jaguar
  • ABCDienstag-K-frauknoppK wie Kaninchen
  • ABCDienstag-L-frauknoppL wie Leguan
  • ABCDienstag-M-frauknoppM wie Maus
  • ABCDienstag-N-frauknoppN wie Nashorn
  • ABCDienstag-O-frauknoppO wie Oktopus
  • ABCDienstag-P-frauknoppP wie Panda
  • ABCDienstag-Q-frauknoppQ wie Qualle
  • ABCDienstag-R-frauknoppR wie Ratte
  • ABCDienstag-S-frauknoppS wie Schweinchen
  • ABCDienstag-T-frauknoppT wie Tapir
  • ABCDienstag-U-frauknoppU wie Uhu
  • ABCDienstag-V-frauknoppV wie Vogel
  • ABCDienstag-W-frauknoppW wie Wal
  • ABCDienstag-X-frauknoppX wie Xerus
  • ABCDienstag-Y-frauknoppY wie Yak
  • ABCDienstag-Z-frauknoppZ wie Zitronenfalter

Review ABCDienstag

This week I want to show you a review of all my ABCDienstag illustrations. I enjoyed it drawing animals regarding the alphabetical order. Enjoy wintertime.– frauknopp

Z wie Zitronenfalter

Happy New Year!

I wish you a happy new year! Have a good 2014 fullfilled with happiness! – frauknopp

Y wie Yak
X wie Xerus
W wie Wal
  • xmas-knopp-kilpert1Christmas tree and parcels
  • xmas-knopp-kilpert2Some little creatures
  • Christmas cardsSanta Claus is coming

Xmas time

Here are some new christmas card illustrations that I made for my clients. Have a nice season! – frauknopp

V wie Vogel
U wie Uhu
T wie Tapir
S wie Schweinchen
R wie Ratte
  • knopp-kilpert-xmasChristmas card

Christmas card

Q wie Qualle
P wie Panda
O wie Oktopus
N wie Nashorn
M wie Maus
L wie Leguan
  • Adventsgirlande-1The box
  • Adventsgirlande-2Inside
  • Adventsgirlande-3Some of the 24 christmas cards
  • Adventsgirlande-4Inside one card
  • Adventsgirlande-5Bottom

Christmas calender

My new christmas calender has been published recently! Its called „Meine wunderbare Adventsgirlande“ by german publisher arsEdition. I made all illustrations and graphics. The little box contains 24 cards with poems, recipes and quotations for the christmas time. – frauknopp

You can find it here and here  and at the local book store.
GTIN 40-14489-10354-7
9,99 Euro
J wie Jaguar
I wie Iltis
  • knoppkilpert-sedbook1IO Sedbook
  • knoppkilpert-sedbook2My page for "Editorial"

IO Sedbook „Editorial“

This is tiny sneak into the beautiful sedbook which shows the big variety of german illustrators, published by the Illustratoren Organisation. I am in with a page for the „Editorial“ rubric. – frauknopp

H wie Hasenglück