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New look, new name, new website

After over 10 Years working as an illustrator I thought it’s time for a new look. First I felt that it‘ s time to present myself under my full name instead of „Veryvera“. Sort of getting more to the point as on my books I am presented as „Vera Schmidt“.
Second I am very excited to present you my new website which therefore also has a new name: It is also more to the point, modern, easier to navigate and more efficient – well that’s the plan.
There you will also find my blog now, the old address is also not up-to-date anymore.
Third I will also have a new email address, you will be forwarded to both also when you still type in the old addresses but I would appreciate it very much if you change to the new ones from now on. Thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience!
Well then, have fun and welcome to my new world:


New website with new focus: Fashion & Style illustration

My last newsletter is right out there. Did you get it? No? It is about my new website, which is all about fashion and style illustration. If you don’t want to miss the next one, you can visit my page and subscribe there. I will be glad tokeep in touch.


Recently I made this illustration for the german magazine GECKO. Its for children to read, full of illustrations. I like it a lot. – frauknopp