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Nevio, the fearless explorer mouse

Well, this is my english translation for my new book, orginal title „Nevio, die furchtlose Forschermaus“. Since June 2014 you can find it in all book stores in germany and I am very happy that I could illustrate this cute story of Matthias von Bornstädt for the publisher Arena. It is about a loveable mouse called Nevio whose rocket backpack malfunctions and causes a crash in a city park. Nevio of course wants to go on for other adventures but he needs another vehicle and so the animals of the park are helping him.

With lots of factual informations about cars, ships and planes children from 4 years on can dive into Nevio’s world and there is also an audio-cd with the book.

Wall art by Johanna Fritz

My latest wall art

Designed some wall art for Mats bootcamp :)


before I leave, I leave

Before I leave for my annual paradise-holiday next Saturday Read more…


Training the brain

Effort (and pain) keeps busy all my neurones when I train Pilates and I can barely remember the exercises when I finish.  Read more…