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"Carrots for you" by Johanna Fritz

Food inspiration – Vino


I just finished a lovely christmas book cover. – frauknopp


Tuesdays I draw what I eat – Tomato soup with mini dumplings

Finally since we started with this food series at Atelier LaLa: yes, my husband cooked today, which was the reason why I picked Tuesdays for my drawing, Read more…


Monday’s Specialities

This tasty dish my Mom used to cook for me when I was a child. So every time I do it for myself now it feels like home.

Bootcamp February submission

I posted LATELY that Lilla Rogers Bootcamp started and showed you my first sketches for the cuckoo-theme. And then we got the assignment: translate it into a cell phone cover. So much fun and I am truly happy with my outcome…

Cuckoo cell phone case by Johanna Fritz

Well, I had so much fun illustrating cuckoo clocks and other related icons, that I created a pattern:

Cuckoo pattern by Johanna Fritz

And of course, one could use those patterns in many different ways. Here are only two mockups I did. And yes, it’s available for licensing ;)



Food – poor pig.

No offense dear Vegetarians, but it was delicious ;)



Food inspiration – Ciliegia

Today feels like spring time and I would like to eat cherry ice cream. – frauknopp


My school book is out there!

This was a big project I was working for: A school book for the publishing house Klett. Read more…


Wednesday food

The Big-Sausage-Phobia!

Flamingo & Giraffe

I keep on going with my alphabet. Two more letters to go and I’m done. Yay :) So say hello to Mr. Flamingo and the Giraffe.



Tuesdays I draw what I eat – Fish at „Nordsee“

„Nordsee“ is a German chain of fast fish food restaurants and I was there today with a dear Spanish friend who also lives here Read more…


Monday’s Specialities

Good Morning Monday! Today is chicken day. Well, drawing the chicken actually makes me a bit sorry for it…. well… but it has an excellent taste.


MATS-Bootcamp started

The most of you know I loved Lilla Rogers ecourse „Make art that sells“ the last year (have a look at my illustrations over HERE). There was so much input. So there was no question that I was excited about the Bootcamp. I signed up and it started last week. The first Mini was to draw cuckoo clocks. These are my sketches above. So happy to do some great pieces for my portfolio again. Lillas assignemts are the best and she knows what’s going on…



Fisch Fish Pesce

Food inspiration – Pesce

Today at my atelier: fish. – frauknopp


Tuesdays I draw what I eat – Looong brunch

A dear friend who used to be my colleague visited me today. Read more…


Monday’s Specialities

Hello everybody, this is my monday post showing what I mostly eat. For the english speaking people: Nearly every day in the morning at around 10 o’clock I eat a kind of ayurvedian porridge to be strong for the day. Ingredients: Oat flakes in milk, almonds, dates, spices and maple sirup. Yummmie! Have a great and tasty week!


I picked up some of photos that I lately took. And yes: sometimes I like to take pictures of food. Especially sweets, cakes… well, things that look nice. I made some peanut butter fudge the other day… so here they are :)

Food inspiration – Pera

Today at my atelier: pears. – frauknopp


Wednesday food

Wednesday is Sausageday!


jewellery types for the LIFT magazine

Things I love to draw: In the current issue of the LIFT magazine there is an article about jewellery types that I illustrated last January. This is how it looks like.

Read more…


I draw what I eat – Riccioli with black olives tapenade

I come a little bit late to this new series of Atelier LaLa inspired on food. Starting today I will show here my lunch every Tuesday. Read more…

"c is for clown" by johanna fritz
Colour inspiration

Orange instead of Grey

I like Orange instead of winter grey. Which colour do you like? – frauknopp


The YOUnitiate journey – an illustrated brochure

YOUnitiate is an organization operating in South Africa which helps young people and communities to initiate and form their future. They came to me last autumn because they wanted to have an illustrated brochure Read more…

New illustration for medizini


Yay. I just received some new copies of the poster magazine Medizini which I illustrated that hidden object illustration for. You can get the magazine in German pharmacies.
See the final illustration below.