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Cookie sketch by Johanna Fritz

Cookies for my little cookie

My girl loves those cookies that look like animals :)

Food inspiration – new series

Food always inspires me. I love to cook, look through cooking books, they take me on a journey to italian markets and I want to try out new recipe’s. And of course there are so many beautiful food packaging I cannot resist to buy…This is the start of a new series of food inspirated themes. – frauknopp


Wednesday mood

What should I do with my peanuts?

My ABCDienstag continues

I am still working on my alphabet as I missed some letters in between. And I’d love to change it to bilingual. For Englisch AND German. Most of the letters are already working, but I’ll have to change some of the existing.



Monday mood

I am in the mood for spring colours! – frauknopp

  • A-2-SM
  • B-sm
  • C-chanel-sm
  • F-ferre-sm
  • I-issey-miyake-sm
  • G-gucci-sm
  • J-Jil-Sander-sm
  • K-karl-lagerfeld-sm
  • L-louis-vuitton-sm
  • P-paco-rabanne-sm
  • S-anna-sui-sm
  • T-tom-ford-sm
  • U-ungaro-sm
  • V-valentino-sm
  • W-westwood-sm
  • X-lacroix-sm
  • Y-yves-saint-laurent-sm
  • Z-zuhair-murad-sm

ABCDienstag – Virginia’s review

  • ABCDienstag ReviewABCDienstag Review
  • ABCDienstag-A-frauknoppA wie Affe
  • ABCDienstag-B-frauknoppB wie Burgfräulein
  • ABCDienstag-C-frauknoppC wie Ciao
  • ABCDienstag-D-frauknoppD wie Dalmatiner
  • ABCDienstag-E-frauknoppE wie Elephant
  • ABCDienstag-F-frauknoppF wie Fohlen
  • ABCDienstag-G-frauknoppG wie Giraffe
  • ABCDienstag-H-frauknoppH wie Hasenglück
  • ABCDienstag-I-frauknoppI wie Iltis
  • ABCDienstag-J-frauknoppJ wie Jaguar
  • ABCDienstag-K-frauknoppK wie Kaninchen
  • ABCDienstag-L-frauknoppL wie Leguan
  • ABCDienstag-M-frauknoppM wie Maus
  • ABCDienstag-N-frauknoppN wie Nashorn
  • ABCDienstag-O-frauknoppO wie Oktopus
  • ABCDienstag-P-frauknoppP wie Panda
  • ABCDienstag-Q-frauknoppQ wie Qualle
  • ABCDienstag-R-frauknoppR wie Ratte
  • ABCDienstag-S-frauknoppS wie Schweinchen
  • ABCDienstag-T-frauknoppT wie Tapir
  • ABCDienstag-U-frauknoppU wie Uhu
  • ABCDienstag-V-frauknoppV wie Vogel
  • ABCDienstag-W-frauknoppW wie Wal
  • ABCDienstag-X-frauknoppX wie Xerus
  • ABCDienstag-Y-frauknoppY wie Yak
  • ABCDienstag-Z-frauknoppZ wie Zitronenfalter

Review ABCDienstag

This week I want to show you a review of all my ABCDienstag illustrations. I enjoyed it drawing animals regarding the alphabetical order. Enjoy wintertime.– frauknopp

"Z is for Zebra" by Johanna Fritz
Z wie Zitronenfalter

Happy New Year!

I wish you a happy new year! Have a good 2014 fullfilled with happiness! – frauknopp

y by johanna fritz
Y wie Yak